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New Online Short Courses beginning this Spring

12 March 2014


Two new online short courses will begin this Spring:

Is Interfaith Dialogue Important? [Launch date: 15 March 2014] In this course, participants can explore the meaning of ‘interfaith dialogue’, especially in the context of Abrahamic faiths, as well as learn about different perspectives on its contemporary relevance. The course will raise questions including, for example, In what is interfaith dialogue different when it is organized by heads of religious organizations (top-down), from interfaith dialogue run by lay members’ initiatives (grassroots)?

Shakespeare and the Jewish-Christian Encounter: Beyond the Merchant of Venice [Launch date: 1 April 2014] 2014 celebrates the 450th anniversary of the births of William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe. This course will focus on the Jewish-Christian encounter as portrayed within the works of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. The course will examine specific scenes to enable participants to develop their knowledge and understanding of the complexities of the encounter with the ‘Other’. Participants will view the texts and characters in various formats including the plays themselves, the graphic novel and on canvas.

For further information: please see here or contact Dr Emma Harris: eth22@cam.ac.uk.



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