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Damas Gisimba Visiting Cambridge

27 January 2014

Damas Gisimba and Mutti Johnson

On Friday 31st January Damas Gisimba will give an open talk for the Woolf Institute and Cambridge Theological Federation, all are welcome to attend.

Damas Gisimba runs an orphanage in Kigali in which he managed to hide more than four hundred people during the 1994 genocide, at tremendous personal risk. Faced with far greater need than resources, he struggled to find adequate food, water, and hiding places, while warding off attacks by armed militias. He not only cared for the basic needs of the children, but also taught them to disregard ethnic labels, a lesson that saved lives.

He will be joined by Mutti Johnson who was a child in his orphanage, Bony who is a survivor from Kigali and his translator Ildephonse. The visit by the group from Rwanda has been arranged by Jonathan Salt - an actor and Holocaust educator. 

All are welcome to attend.

For more information about the event please the full event listing.


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