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Cardinal Kurt Koch visits the Woolf Institute

28 February 2013

Cardinal Kurt Koch

On the 26th February 2013 the Woolf Institute was delighted to welcome Cardinal Kurt Koch, head of the Pontifical Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews. The Cardinal's visit was part of a day of events organised by the Woolf Institute in partnership with the Cardinal Bea Centre for Judaic Studies, Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome and included a private meeting with Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks.

During the day the Cardinal offered a lecture on "Trust as the Basic Attitude in a Culture of Humanity" to the Cambridge Theological Federation. This lecture was facilitated by the Woolf Institute's director Dr Edward Kessler and Father Philipp Renczes of the Cardinal Bea Centre.

Reflecting on trust and encounter, the Cardinal concluded:

Opening the door to God proves without a doubt to be the best way to bring into the world that trust without which man cannot live, but which he can find in the mystery of God to which Jews and Christians are to bear witness in today’s world. Thus they make their contribution to the establishment of a new culture of humanity in which the elixir of life is trust”.

Following its live streaming, a video and text version of the lecture are now available:

The Chief Rabbi's lecture, addressing the theme of "Trust and trustworthiness" is now also available to watch, including a reponse from Lord Rowan Williams:

Please see here for the full video of the Chief Rabbi's lecture

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