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Archbishop of Canterbury celebrates decade of Jewish-Christian Relations

5 December 2012

Lambeth palace reception celebrating a decade of Jewish-Christian Relations

On 5th December the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams hosted a reception to celebrate a decade of Jewish-Christian Relations, in which he commeded the work of the Woolf Institute.

Within his speech the Archbishop reflected on the current state of Jewish-Christian Relations, addressing "the immense importance of building up the next generation of dialogue", the church's commitment to "an unrelenting opposition to any resurgent of anti-Semitism", and the mutual purpose of building "a society in which we know we can trust one another because we know that the other's promises are true and valid and strong".

Reflecting on ongoing conversations with the Jewish community Dr Williams remarked: "how much grace and freedom have we discovered with another? I believe a great deal. And my own sense of personal indebtedness to the friendships I’ve shared with many many people in this room and many others in the Jewish community – my sense of that is very sharp indeed. To take just one other kind of example, the friendships with the Woolf Institute and with Ed Kessler’s work in Cambridge have been to me of great inspiration and delight. I’m really pleased to see such a level of intellectual professionalism brought to bear in that context and I know that once again in subtle and long-term ways the work done there will spread and will shape a future".

To read the full speech please see here

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