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Intertwined Worlds Launch

20 April 2012

Image credits (left to right): Lvova, Ahmed Al Badawy, Michele Ahin


We are delighted to announce the launch of Intertwined Worlds. Edited by CMJR Academic Director Dr Josef (Yousef) Meri, Intertwined Worlds is the first electronic journal platform to bring you regular, state-of the art, peer-reviewed, scholarly papers in the field of Muslim-Jewish relations. Published under the auspices of Wiley-Blackwell’s Religion Compass in collaboration with the Woolf Institute, the first issue includes:

The Performance of Convivencia: Communities of Tolerance and the Reification of Toleration, by Aomar Boum

Patronage as a Model for Muslim–Jewish Relations in North Africa: Contributions of Anthropological Field Research and a Case from Libya, by Harvey E. Goldberg

Converging and Diverting at the Time of Death Exploratory Routes for the Study of Death Among Muslims and Jews in Britain, by Marta Dominguez Diaz

Islamic and Jewish Religious Feminism: Similarities, Parallels and Interactions, by Ruth Roded

Early Judeo-Arabic Biblical Translations, by Yosef Tobi

Issues will be published bi-annually in April and October. Meanwhile, book reviews, news items and inter-faith resources are regularly updated on the virtual platform.

For further information or to access the journal please see here

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