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Intertwined Worlds Conference

19 September 2011


Intertwined Worlds

The symposium focused on the historical and contemporary interactions between Muslims and Jews and built on CMJR's earlier launch of Intertwined Worlds, the first ever academic e-platform dedicated to the academic study of Muslim-Jewish Relations. The papers dealt with the diverse ways in which the traditions, cultures and heritage of the Jews and Muslims of the Islamic world were interconnected in history, including exegetical works, devotional practices, artistic expressions, literary and intellectual cross-fertilisation, social interaction, and common spaces and places.

Consisting of six sessions, a roundtable discussion and a film session, the discussion was guided by three central questions: Is there/could there be a Judaeo-Islamic tradition? How do we define it? How do we study this tradition?

The participants included: Prof Asma Afsaruddin (Indiana University), Prof Norman Stillman (University of Oklahoma), Prof Sasson Somekh (Tel Aviv University), Dr María Angeles Gallego (CSIC, Madrid), Prof Mohamed Hawary (Ain Shams University, Cairo), Dr Ruth Davis (Cambridge University) and Dr Gregor Schwarb (Free University of Berlin). An address by HRH Prince El-Hassan bin Talal of Jordan, a leading interfaith patron of the Woolf Institute, was broadcast.

The film Dans la vie (English title: Two Ladies) which looks at Muslim-Jewish Relations in France was screened and a discussion was led by Ms Dinah Stillman.

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