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British Academy grant for CJCR

1 August 2011

British AcademyThe CJCR’s Academic Director, Lars Fischer, has been awarded a Research Grant by the British Academy to lay the groundwork for a major research project on Liberal Theology and “the Jews”. Picking up the agenda presented in Fischer’s inaugural lecture in December 2009, the project will focus on forms of theology, from the seventeenth to the twenty-first century, that have challenged established theological orthodoxies by claiming to be more enlightened, reasonable, humane and/or emancipatory and explore two core questions.

To what extent, firstly, have the approaches of such theologies to Judaism and “the Jews” differed from those of their orthodox counterparts and why, secondly have they repeatedly set themselves apart by denouncing their orthodox counterparts as (too) “Jewish”? While these issues have been touched upon in individual contexts, little effort has been made to explore systematically the extent to which structural factors may predispose such theologies to position themselves in a distinct way towards Judaism and “the Jews”.

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