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Online course, Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe: Modern Challenges, returns

4 September 2017

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On Monday 4 September 2017, the online course, Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Europe: Modern Challenges, commenced for the 7th time with participants hailing from Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Chile, Croatia, Egypt, France, Iran, Japan, Kenya, Morocco, Qatar, UAE and the UK.

This timely three-part course focuses on the relationships between Jews, Christians and Muslims in modern Europe. It examines historical trends, religious and cultural interaction, and issues of contemporary citizenship from the perspectives of different disciplines (history, sociology, theology, philosophy). The course is led by Dr Gorazd Andrejč who co-teaches with Dr Sami Everett and  Dr Esther-Miriam Wagner.

For further details of the course: http://www.woolf.cam.ac.uk/study/e-learning/jcme.asp

Contact Dr Emma Harris (eth22@cam.ac.uk) for details of this course and other online opportunities.

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