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Trust report release

7 July 2017


"Trust in Crisis – The Emergence of the Quiet Citizen" is the result of ground breaking Woolf Institute ethnographic research across the European capitals Berlin, London, Paris and Rome.

Over the last two years the Woolf Institute Trust research team has followed, questioned and participated in civil society initiatives, in particular among faith and other minority communities, that have been responding to crisis situations in the four cities. These relate to the influx of refugees, austerity, insecurity and acute political instability.

The report includes a series of recommendations, primarily to be executed by community and faith institutions themselves, as well as a call on local government to play a more important role in building social cohesion, and some key areas for action by ministries of the UK Government.

You can download the Executive Summary as a pdf here.

You can download the full report as a pdf here.

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