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New blog: Renewing a legacy of Muslim-Jewish Solidarity

23 January 2017


This week's blog is brought to us by Remona Aly who reflects on the Missing Pages of our shared history:

"Hope is not passive, it is active and empowering. Hope is the Algerian scholars, like Shaykh Abdelhamid Ben Badis and Shaykh Taieb el-Okbi, who spoke out from their pulpits against the anti-Semitic pogroms launched by the Vichy regime. Hope is the rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris, Si Kaddour Benghabrit, who used the mosque as a hiding place for Jews and the place where he issued each of them a fake certificate of Muslim identity for protection. Hope is the Bosnian Muslim librarian who saved the Haggadah, a precious medieval Jewish manuscript illustrating the Passover, from the destructive hands of the Nazis who wanted to crush not only Jewish lives, but also their cultural heritage.Today, we are still, shamefully, not a world free of anti-Semitism, or anti-Muslim sentiment, but this is precisely why these stories must not be sidelined in apathy or neglect..."

Read the blog in full here

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