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Woolf Institute on France Culture Radio

16 January 2017

copyright Chroniques de l'Arcoiris

The Woolf Institute will be on National French Radio France Culture this week as part of a four part documentary, devised by Ilana Navaro in collaboration with Woolf Institute Research Fellow Dr Samuel Everett. 'Dis-united colours' takes the form of a letters written to Usbek, the character from the "Persian Letters" of Montesquieu, offering a journey through France and England to compare the two countries differing approaches to multiculturalism. There will be four episodes over four days, reflecting on different themes and will be broadcast nationally by France Culture.

The programme was inspired by the Woolf Institute London and Paris Face to Face Seminar, organised by Dr Samuel Everett and includes contributions from Woolf Institute staff and students, amongst others.

With thanks to Chroniques de l'Arcoiris for the fantastic illustrations that accompany the programme.


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