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Ian Duncan Smith commends Woolf Institute report Bridging the Gap: strengthening relations between hospices and Muslims of Britain

12 February 2016

Patron of Haven House children’s hospice, Ian Duncan Smith said:

“Today, the principle of inclusivity remains essential for hospices. Haven House serves North and North East London, West Essex and East Hertfordshire, a vast diverse area encompassing several large religious populations. From 2014/15 the hospice supported 329 children and approximately one-third came from Muslim families. Haven House is among several hospices throughout the UK to have made commendable progress in strengthening its links with Muslim communities in recent years, but as illustrated by Hospice UK’s Bridging the Gap report published in October 2015, there is still room for improvement. Historically, Muslims have not tended to use hospices, for a variety of reasons, including cultural differences, language barriers and a lack of understanding of hospice care. Yet demographic and cultural changes will increase demand for hospice and end of life care for Muslim communities over the next decade and beyond.”

The Woolf Institute specialises in upskilling staff and volunteers across the palliative care sector and has a special interest in creating cultural shifts amongst hospice staff and volunteers in understanding Diversity in End of Life Care.


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