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Religious truth in an age of diversity?

Monday 16th October, 5-6.30pm

Dr Edward Kessler, Canon Chris Chivers and Dr Atif Imtiaz

Venue: Woolf Institute, Madingley Road, CB3 0UB.


Join us for our open panel event: Religious truth in an age of diversity? with Dr Edward Kessler (Woolf Institute), Canon Chris Chivers (Westcott House) and Dr Atif Imtiaz (Cambridge Muslim College)

Religious identity is on one level is a statement about what humans think is true: but how does our commitment to diversity combine with the seemingly exclusivist truth claims of the different faiths? Does dialogue demand equality of beliefs or rather the equality of respect? Finally, in a 'post-truth' context how can we use the tools of faith and reason to discern a truthful understanding of the world today?

  • The lecture will be held in the new Woolf Institute building on the Westminster Site, Madingley Road, CB3 0UB.
  • This is a public lecture and all are welcome to attend. For any further information please contact: enquiries@woolf.cam.ac.uk

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